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Virtual study

In line with its philosophy of open learning, and commitment to broadening access to high level training in Islamic studies and Arabic, Al-Mahdi Institute provides the opportunity to access the Four Year Hawza Programme virtually, from anywhere around the world.

The Virtual Learning Facilities offered by the Institute provide a platform for students to attend the scheduled classes virtually online, employing technology that ensures an effective level of interaction between the student and the class. Virtual smart boards enable students to view the content of the classroom whiteboard directly onto their screens and multi-way audio/video communications allow them to engage and interact with the instructor and classroom discussions. State of the art facilities ensure that virtual students are able to gain a complete Hawza experience, wherever their location. This facility has been specifically designed to accommodate students currently residing outside the UK, but it is also available for students within the UK who are unable to relocate to Birmingham.

 A virtual student can enrol on to the programme either as an online student or an offline student:

An online virtual student will have the option to attend the Hawza Programme either as a full-time student or as a modular student during live teaching time. By choosing the online virtual route, the student has the advantage of being able to interact with the teacher and other students attending the class in real time. However, in order to enrol as an online virtual student, students must ensure that their own computer systems meet the technical/IT requirements to ensure the smooth running of the online virtual facilities (please click here).

An offline virtual student will gain access to the Hawza Programme under the modular study route. Thus, they may select specific modules from the Hawza Programme that are pre-recorded and stored on the virtual learning platform. The offline virtual programme is designed for those individuals who are unable to attend the online virtual classes due to other work commitments coinciding with the scheduled classes, or because their time zone does not correlate with the time zone of England. Although the offline study route does not allow direct interaction with the classroom, students will have the advantage of being able to access and study the modules at a time that is most convenient to them.