Al-Mahdi Institute : Education & Research

Welcome to AMI Library


The AMI library houses one of the largest collections of its kind in Europe. Its holdings showcase specialist works and texts of the Islamic Studies’ disciplines, with particular emphasis of texts that are relevant and unique to the Shia heritage of learning and knowledge.

The library is located in the heart of the AMI building, and forms an integral part of its teaching and learning activities. It is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens that boast serenity.

The AMI library houses in excess of 20,000 books in Arabic, English, Persian and Urdu. The majority of these are specialist collections pertaining to the Islamic studies and related disciplines.

The collections cover a vast majority of the fields of Islamic disciplines, including:

- Islamic Jurisprudence, Philosophy, Theology, Irfan, History, Hadith, Quranic studies, and Tafsir  

The books are housed on open shelves on the ground floor of the library which are available to all staff, students and visitors alike to peruse and consult.

The AMI library’s expansion project of the current library holdings is on-going. We are also working on developing an e-resources’ collection.