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Forthcoming workshop:

AMI's 6th Annual Contemporary Fiqhi Issues Workshop on; 

"The Past, Present and Future of Shīʿī Ijtihād” to be held on 5th - 6th July 2018


(Deadline for submissions: 30th April 2018)


As part of the Al-Mahdi Institute's Research work, yearly International Research workshops are at the forefront of AMI Research and involve scholars and specialists worldwide coming together to disseminate their findings to an audience of AMI students, faculty and grass roots communities. 

International specialists from a variety of fields, backgrounds and cultures have been hosted at AMI to facilitate for a broad spectrum of perspectives and specialisms for the following; 

Contemporary Fiqhi Issues Workshops The Al-Mahdi Institute initiated the hosting of an annual Fiqhi Workshop, with aims to tackle important contemporary issues of practical concern that are faced by Muslims living in the modern world. Read more >

Religion and Human Rights Workshop an inaugural workshop as part of a series of events on Socio-political issues and Religion, bringing together human rights specialists and scholars from different world religions with expertise on human rightsRead more >

'The nature of Sharia and its interpretation in Shi'i thought' Workshop A collaborative symposium between the Islam, Law and Modernity Centre of Durham University and Al-Mahdi Institute.  Read more >