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Centre for Collective Ijtihad (CCI)

The launch of the Center for Collective Ijtihad has grown out of Al-Mahdi Institute’s strengths in teaching and research relevant to contemporary fiqhi issues and its established reputation as a unique space for bringing together diverse international experts for the discussion and development of cutting edge ideas.

The center will act as a hub for scholars and scholarship seeking collaborative responses to practical contemporary questions, first and foremost, from within the Twelver Uṣūli juristic tradition. Furthermore the center will directly seek to engage specialist and experts in the ‘subject matter’ of the particular issues engaged with. Accordingly it is envisaged that contributions from experts in economics and social-science, the natural sciences and the humanities will increasingly be as important as contributions from specialists in jurisprudence, legal theory and theology. 

The activities of the center were launched with a 2-day symposium on Ijtihad and taqlid in the Contemporary World on 26th-27th January 2017. Invited participants presented papers with a view to outline, test and challenge both traditional and emerging notions on the topic. To view abstracts of the papers presented please click here