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Research Seminars


Al-Mahdi Institute’s Research Seminars are a platform that brings together academic researchers, postgraduate students and other practitioners from different institutions for the dynamic exchange of ideas and research. The key objective is to showcase, develop and encourage cutting edge research in those areas of the study of Islam and Muslim societies that corresponds to the overall goals and aspirations of the Institute. 

The Institute invites and facilitates renowned academics to present their research papers in a unique forum, which includes the Institute’s faculty and post-graduate students, alongside practitioners and experts from across a wide institutional base. The aim is for participants to gain information regarding the latest research in a variety of fields, as well as being given the opportunity to contribute to the further development of the research ideas presented.

Research Seminars are held at 3pm on Thursday afternoons, for further information and registration details email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Upcoming Research Seminars for 2018: The new term for research seminars will begin in March 2018, view titles and abstracts of the forthcoming Research Seminars in Spring 2018 here > 

Previous Research Seminars: Over the past year, AMI has held ten Research Seminars including sessions from; Dr Chris Allen (Birmingham University), Prof. Ali Paya (Westminster University), Dr Colin Turner (Durham University), and many more - with topics ranging from Islamaphobia to the Quranic Codex of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as). Read more about particular seminars of interest here >