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“The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers…” (Qur'an 49:10) 

The Centre for Intra-Muslim Studies (CIMS) aims to provide, enhance and broaden access to scholarly resources that allow for the deeper understanding of the commonality and differences amongst the variety of expressions of Islam, with a view of promoting increased harmony within both the Muslim and broader human family. The centre provides a platform for the development and pooling of resources available to the public offering scholarly-grounded solutions capable of dissipating and explaining misconceptions and disagreements amongst the different historically formed madhahib of Islam. Alongside its focus on producing scholarly resources CIMS also aims to provide for the shared dissemination of its findings to the public at large, and act as a reference point for issues arising out of intra-Muslim dynamics. CIMS is a grassroots funded initiative that has members consisting of scholars, researchers, activists and community workers who belong to a wide spectrum of Muslim Schools.

The launch of CIMS will include at least 8 meetings of Ulama and scholars, from across different Madhhahib, to discuss topical issues concerning Muslim intra-faith relations and understanding. Facilitating them to come together to establish mutual understanding and discuss ways in which current misconceptions can be cleared. The meetings, held in a resolute academic setting, aim to directly address issues of shared heritage and perceived difference allowing for discussion, clarification and the development of resources which can be shared to the grass roots on each of these issues.

Scholars shall be invited to these meeting by the co-directors of CIMS. According to the set method, appointed scholars will give a well prepared talk on the topic specified, for 30 minutes, followed by round table discussion, questions & answers, concluding comments and actions.