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The Shia Scholars Forum

The Shia Scholars Forum (SSF) provides a unique, open and safe platform for Shi’i scholars of diverse backgrounds to discuss and share their theological, historical, legal and spiritual understanding of Shi’ism, in order to answer challenging questions that commonly arise within grass-roots communities worldwide. SSF not only allows scholars to explore and question key concepts within Shi’ism, it also facilitates for collective learning where scholars get the opportunity to share a range of different perspectives, ideas, justifications and research.

The advantages of having such a forum is that it;

1. Encourages a culture of faith-based academic research among religious scholars through the deeper exploration of key beliefs within Shi’ism.

2. Provides scholars a safe platform to brainstorm, deliberate and challenge current research on key beliefs within Shi’ism with the intention of contributing to the field of study.

3. Equip scholars to be better prepared when dealing with the challenges and questions arising within grass-roots communities.

SSF scholarly meetings are held once a quarter, inviting Shi’i scholars from different cultural backgrounds and fields of expertise to discuss current topics relevant to present day. The format of the meetings involves a 25-30-minute presentation by a scholar, followed by a 60-minute guided discussion allowing all scholars to contribute towards the discussion.  After each meeting, a summary of the event is published online.

The following are the topics SSF has discussedso far:

-          14/10/2017 Karbala in the midst of History and Narrative: Typology of Genres of Maqatil


Tentative dates for future meetings are as follows;

1. Saturday 10th February 2018

2. Saturday 12th May 2018 

3. Saturday 4th August 2018

4. Saturday 10th November 2018