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Inter-Religious Symposia

Inter-Religious Symposia (IRS) at Al-Mahdi Institute is a ground for collaboration between participants in an environment of respect, mutual understanding, and sincere learning. It will provide a space where scholars of different religions and disciplines, who are conversant with the divergent trends, problems and precepts of their respective traditions, can critically discuss the challenges faced by religiously identifying communities and organizations in formal and informal encounters between religions.

The aim of the Inter-Religious Symposia is to facilitate critical discussions of such issues: to explore and share potential solutions drawn from the perspectives and principles of divergent religious traditions and academic disciplines. Participants will become familiar with each other’s religious history, language, formulas and concepts pertinent to the issue being discussed, and understand the plurality and complexity of positions within religious traditions. Undoubtedly, this will necessitate appreciation of the commonalities of concepts, ethos, and purpose uniting us, while taking steps toward greater learning and achieving the religious ideal of dissolving the ‘other-ness’ of the ‘other’. 


The IRS aims to provide space for scholars to:

- Share the plurality of positions within their respective religious tradition and methodological analyses on the chosen topics.

- Increase the understanding of other religious traditions, and appreciate similarities, differences and differences within apparent similarities in concepts, ethos, and purpose.

The Inter-Religious Symposia will be hosting its inaugural meeting on Monday 14th May 2018 inviting a closed peer-group of scholars and theologians from Abrahamic religious backgrounds to critically discuss how conceptual challenges faced by faith communities attempting dialogue might be re-framed. Moreover, this gathering may allow scholars to share first-hand insights and familiarity with a range of religious histories, beliefs and theological doctrines. 

IRS will also be hosting two further meetings this year on;

Saturday 4th August 2018

Saturday 17th November 2018 (during Inter-faith week)


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