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Beyond our core work AMI community has a history of facilitating grass root communities in Europe. We recognised that Shi’ism was increasingly becoming adopted as a way of life by indigenous communities throughout Europe. It initially set out to ascertain where these communities were, and to form contacts with them. This resulted in:

- AMI hosted events

- AMI translations, publications and distribution of Shi’i duas and spiritual works  in several European countries

- The nomination of AMI agents from the indigenous European Muslim communities as representatives for AMI, and consultants to the AMI as to how best facilitate the spreading of the teachings of the Prophet and his impeccable progeny

Five years on, AMI is in the process of initiating the next phase of its facilitation of the indigenous European Muslim communities. Generally, it aims to encourage and support the flowering of indigenous expressions and interpretations of the teachings of the Prophet and his impeccable progeny. This means that indigenous communities maintain, celebrate, and enhance their own respective European cultures and practices through the Spiritual ethos, and moral values of the Prophet, and his impeccable progeny, as opposed to adopting Iranian or Arabian ones. Therefore in addition to the aforementioned work, AMI will endeavour to:

- Facilitate in opening of Husayniyas for communities that do not have communal halls for salat, majalis, and weekly dua nights.

- Provide AMI education (4 year hawza programme, and short courses) by setting up state of the art AMI satellite centres for every indigenous European Shi’i community

- Set up official AMI offices for AMI agents as a port of call for social and religious advice for locals

- Facilitate networking between different European Shi’i communities through conferences, workshops and seminars

- Facilitate increased interfaith and intrafaith dialogue of love between European Shi’i communities and their respective brothers and sisters of other religious traditions.

The following are the countries where AMI is currently working:

- Poland, Hungary, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece & Kosovo