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Since the purchase of the Selly Oak Campus in October 2012, extensive renovation work has been underway to accommodate for several state of the art classrooms, four conference and training rooms, offices and nineteen self-catering en-suite bedrooms. With over fifty percent of the renovation work complete since the start date of November 2013, the Al-Mahdi Institute will soon be utilising the space to its full capacity. 

Below are images illustrating the current renovation work in progress;

Initially managed by Prestige Civil Constructions ltd, costing for completion is estimated at £1,240,000 of which £840,000 has been paid. AMI is currently raising funds to meet the £400,000 shortfall to ensure timely completion of the work.

Re-landscaping of AMI's exquisite grounds was completed during the summer of 2015. The garden works were undertaken in memory of Zulqarnain Ladak (1988-2003) and a dedication ceremony was held on the 22nd August 2015 marking the opening of the spaces for use.

The gardens will undergo changes in the form of new flowers which are set to be planted, a spacious and creatively designed pond and a range of different lighting around the garden setting to match the display. 

The renovations also include a new dining room which has recently been completed. The dinning room would be perfect for special occasions such as any weddings or events as it's spacious and holds up to 150 people. 

Also close to be completed is the ground floor conference room, once completed the conference room will be able to seat up to 220 people and would be an invaluable asset to the Al Mahdi Institute.

The Chapel is in need of renovation which includes replacing damp areas such as walls and carpets, wood inserts and filling, maximising the space within the Chapel and creating a better suited environment in order to be able to host a larger scale of events, incorporating more islamic features and finally state of the art AV facilities for camera recording and wireless programmes.

Finally the first floor education block will undertake refurbishing which will include 9 newly built office blocks, 4 classrooms, 2 conference rooms, tea and common rooms.

All work being undertaken has an expected completion date of September 2017.


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