Al-Mahdi Institute : Education & Research


Al-Mahdi Institute has been offering short courses since 2005, based on an aspiration to broaden the access to high quality Islamic studies and language training. The Short Courses programme aims to fulfil the demand for post-Madrassa education and adult learning, in order to facilitate the intellectual and spiritual development of individuals and communities. The objective is to encourage a deeper understanding of Islam and the teachings of the Prophet and his impeccable progeny, and in line with the Institute’s non-dogmatic and open philosophy, these courses are open to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Short Courses are available as either evening classes or tailor-made programmes, and can be studied at different levels. Thus, students can opt to enrol in either beginner, intermediate or advanced stage classes, based on their personal aptitude and ability.

The short courses are delivered by instructors who are experts in their respective fields and passionate about providing high quality education.  In addition to teaching the short course modules, many of the instructors also deliver classes in the Four Year Hawza Programme.

The Institute provides various options for students to access the Short Courses programme. Applicants can choose to study a short course module in-house at the Selly Oak campus. Alternatively, they may opt to join the programme as a virtual student, whereby they will be able to receive online access to the diverse range of modules offered, at any time, and from any location around the world. Please visit the Evening Short Courses or Tailor-made Short Courses section for further information on the modules currently available and enrolment details.

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