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The Institute recognises the dedication and commitment that is shown by a student enrolling on the intensive Hawza Programme. Therefore, in line with its philosophy of open learning, the Institute offers all prospective students the opportunity to apply for a limited number of scholarships. The range of scholarships available are awarded based on merit and may entitle applicants to receive a full-waiver on tuition fees, on-campus accommodation and/or monthly stipends for the full duration of the Hawza Programme. 

Scholarships are available for Full-time, In-house students only and include the following;

100% tuition-fee waiver (not including registration fees)

In-house accommodation (click here to view accommodation available) 

Monthly stipends of £200

Full-time students who wish to apply for a scholarship to support their studies can do so by submitting a personal statement along with their Hawza Application form.

The Personal statement should explain why you wish to study the Hawza Programme at AMI, what you hope to gain from studying on the programme, what your future amibitions/goals are and how the scholarship will aid your studies. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the selection committee on the 1st July and 1st August of each Academic year.


Post-graduate Scholarship:

As of September 2018; Students who successfully complete the first three years of the Hawza Programme (by achieving 450 credits out of 510 credits) will now have the opportunity to obtain a Postgraduate Masters degree in Islamic Studies (currently available on-campus only) awarded by the University of Birmingham (UoB), in the final year of the Hawza Programme. 

Up to three of the best students who successfully complete the Hawza Programme will be awarded a Post-graduate scholarship to fully fund their Post-graduate studies at UoB in the final year of the Hawza Programme. This scholarship 


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