Al-Mahdi Institute : Education & Research

Campus and Facilities

Owing to the pressing need for a campus to facilitate our growing education, research, and outreach activities, the Al-Mahdi Institute completed the purchase of its Selly Oak Campus in October 2012. The campus was initally established in 1929 as a Christian theological seminary known as the Collage of Ascension, and is spread over four acres of picturesque land. The Selly Oak campus is already home to all of the Institutes activities with full usage expected after completion of ongoing renovations by September 2017.

Already hosting first class learning and research facilities, on completion of renovations the Institute will have seven classrooms, of which at least three will be fully integrated with state of the art technology facilitating virtual access to its educational activities. The campus will also boast three conference and training suites, each integrated with audio-visual systems and capable of holding up to eighty delegates.

The AMI Library holds a specialist collection of works in Islamic studies and related disciplines with strengths in Arabic, English, Farsi and Urdu across the fields of Muslim religious jurisprudence, philosophy, theology, history, Hadith, Quranic studies, Tafsir and beyond. These vast learning resources are set within a unique learning environment inspiring reading, reflection, research and discussion. Current holdings are in excess of 20,000 works with a full capacity of over 40,000. On-going expansion of the library holdings, which already represent one of the largest collections of its kind in Europe, is expected to reach the 40,000 projection by 2016. 

The former Chapel is an integral part of the Al-MahdI Institute, offering a focal point for students, staff, visitors and friends reflecting the God centred vision of the Institute's activities. Inspired by the plural disposition of the teachings of Islam, epitomised in the Prophet Muhammad and his Impeccable progeny, these facilities are open to members of all faiths and traditions as a multi-faith prayer area. 

The Selly Oak Campus currently offers a wide choice of on-campus accommodation. On completion of renovations this will include up to nineteen self-catering en-suite bedrooms, all with an excellent view of the AMI grounds, as well as four three-bedroom houses, one four- bedroom house, seven two-bedroom flats, and two studio apartments.

These world class facilities will build upon an already unique intellectual and spiritual hub, serving the activities of AMI Education, Research, Outreach and beyond.